Material-technical base

The сollege has the material-technical base, providing all kinds of practical training, disciplinary, interdisciplinary and modular training, training practices prescribed by the curriculum. Material-technical base complies with the sanitary and fire-prevention norms.

— Execution of laboratory work and practical training, including both required practical assignments using personal computers;
-Mastering professional modules in the conditions established by the appropriate educational Wednesday in an educational institution or organizations depending on the type of professional activity.
When using the electronic editions, each student is provided with work space in computer class in accordance with the amount of studied disciplines.

List of classrooms, laboratories, workshops and other facilities. Humanities and social sciences classrooms; foreign language; life safety; geography of tourism; travel agent and tour operator activities; information-excursion activity; computer class, hotel, Conference Hall equipped with multimedia projectors, plasma-screen tv. In classrooms on the disciplines of professional and general cultural training includes computers, multimedia-projectors, interactive whiteboards, and other equipment for the use of modern media, modern forms of control and self-control.

In general, the material and technical base of the college and the availability of core enterprises laboratory facilities, specialized facilities, materials, equipment, devices, technological tools allows for high-quality, comprehensive training, targeted high requirements on the part of employers.
Sports complex: a gym, a dance studio.

Contact number: (8-878-2) 20-05-49; 20-53-00; 8-928-397-26-75;
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