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There are many highly qualified specialists with rich life experience in the International college « Polyglot». Here some of them:

Daguzhieva Mardzhan Aysovna,
the founder of the International college Polyglot, candidate of Philological Sciences, associate professor, Honored Teacher of Russia.

«Quality education today is not a tribute to fashion but a need of society and survey of employers. Therefore, our teaching staff is doing everything in their power to help, in a few years, our graduates become highly sought-after specialists in their professional field.»

Daguzhiev Yury Muchamedovich
The director of the International college «Polyglot», candidate of historical sciences.

«We try to create favorable conditions, both for students and for teachers, as this is the key to quality knowledge and positive atmosphere in the team.»


5789Tauzheva Armida Khasambievna,
Deputy headmaster for curriculum and discipline, highest quality
«A great honor for us is to be at the beginning of the creative ways of our students and help them in making their important life decisions. The personal approach in teaching and a flexible, dynamic system of teaching ensure that students of the College «Polyglot» get the maximum amount of knowledge and achieve the highest results.»

Daguzhiev Rustam Muchamedovich,
deputy Director on scientific and methodical work, candidate of historical Sciences, teacher of history.
«The dedication and determination of our students to achieve success surprises us pleasantly. Studying in an international team, they acquire a unique life experience.»


43653426Teberdukova Svetlana Yuryevna,
Deputy Director on General issues

Total experience is 13 years.

«The job of a teacher of the International College «Polyglot» — is a constant interaction with young people, personal growth, interesting circle of acquaintances and the ability to be always abreast of developments and innovations in education.»

Savelyeva Helen Fedorovna,
head of the Department of Finance, Economics and Law, lecturer of the discipline «Banking» .

The total experience is 42 years, in bank sphere 22 years.

«While working in college I have met very talented students. The hardest thing is to tell them goodbye when they finish their studies in «Polyglot», but I know that they will achieve their goals, and this is the main award for us.»

Karginova Natalya Sergeevna,
Head of the Department of Tourism and Hotel Service, teacher of the highest category

Total work experience is 21 years, in tourism sphere 14 years.

«To work in a professional and intelligent team, with an atmosphere of benevolence, inspires everyone to creative and enterprising work.»

Arslanova Saydat Saparalieva,
head of part-time studies, lecturer of economic disciplines, graduate category

Total work experience is 31 years .

«To be part of the team «Polyglot» is a great honor. The opportunity to contribute to the incredible achievements of motivated and ambitious students and watch their progress every day is incomparable to any experience of my teaching activities».

4355333Usacheva Helena Gennadyevna,
teacher of legal disciplines

Total experience of 9 years with 4 years in the specialty.

«The most important factor for successful and productive training is the teachers approach for their work with knowledge.»


Tkachenko Olesya Larionovna,
Methodist, teacher of Russian language and Literature

Total working experience 15 years in the specialty for 9 years.

«To work in a common team of the «International college «Polyglot» is a great honor. In my work I try to learn something new and enjoy sharing my experiences with others. No wonder they say: «Good teachers create good students…», but for a teacher the main thing to pass on to their pupils is all the best they know.»

Papshuova Indira Azret-Alievna, teacher of tourism and hospitality service disciplines

Total experience of 12 years in the specialty 4 years.

«The International college «Polyglot» gives students a chance. For me, as a teacher of tourism subjects, I know there is a well-known shortage of competent employees in the labor market, and therefore in my work I am motivated by the experience that we have, and try to prepare good staff.»

Khutova Inga Mukhamedovna,
chief accountant, teacher of disciplines in accounting

«I am glad to be a part of the team of one of the best colleges in our region — the International college «Polyglot». The sense of being a part a friendly and success-oriented team under the leadership of a famous scientist-linguist, stimulates professional excellence in each of us.»



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