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Policy of quality

Our motto is “If You want to become a modern specialist, If You are firmly intended to study, If You want to perfect your knowledge and acquire unique skills, If You want to be ahead of your rivals -our college is offering you such an opportunity ”

The Mission of the International College Polyglotis:

-to create more advantages for the college via assimilation of beneficial positions on the market;

-development of inner abilities;

— quality and efficiency of educational activities;

— satisfaction of an individual’s want of creative development;

— forming of high professional and social background, which is essential for successful career and civilian installation on behalf of the human being, society and state.

Strategic purpose of the International College Polyglot – training of high qualified and competitive graduates in accordance with actual and prospective needs of the individual, state and society.

Quality purposes:

  1. We seek to become one of the best educational institutions of secondary education of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic and the Russian Federation.

2.  The quality of graduates training is considered by the college as a guarantee of prosperity i.e. its stable financial and economic conditions , decent wages, career promotion and competitiveness of graduates in the labor market .

3. The college aims to provide any facilities and to encourage creativity in their employees involved in research and advanced training , the introduction of new educational technologiescontributing training and education of harmoniously developed and socially active individuals.

4. We are developing the culture of relationships with students.We support talented young people by giving them an opportunity to realize their potential in educational, scientific, technological and social activities through education of personal qualities and competencies.

  1. The quality of the work of the college is our general purpose. We contribute to introduce and to perfect a new system of quality management and eventual realizing of principles of quality control. A quality monitoring is systematically held to ensure that the quality policy of college is put into life.
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