General information

The Mission of the International College Polyglot is to train high qualified specialists in accordance with modern demands based on integration of employers interests in order to develop the potential of the region.


The College Polyglot is a non-state, non-profit educational institution of secondary vocational education. The college was established by order №1 of May 25th,2004.

Mardjan Daguzhieva isthe founder of The International College “Polyglot” , candidate of philological sciences, docent, Honored Teacher of Russia, Headmaster of the Year 2012.

The college has a perpetual state license and state accreditation.

The graduates of the college have certificates of national standard.

We train specialist of 9 different professions and also realize basic and additional educational programs.

The lessons are held in Russian language

International College «Polyglot» is a multidisciplinary, practice- oriented institution. It is one of the fastest growing educational institutions, with sufficient logistical, technological, educational and human resources. Our teachers are candidates of sciences, honored teachers, winners and participants of the contest » Teacher of the Year «, teachers of higher and first qualifying category. Teachers of vocational cycle have experience in organizations of the relevant professional field. They are trained in specialized institutions at least 1 time in 3 years.

The teachers take part in scientific and practical conferences, teaching seminars and methodological advice to improve the scientific and theoretical level of teaching of disciplines.Specialists with relevant higher education are involved as teachers of special subjects. Among the social partners of the college are “Sberbank” (affiliate in Cherkessk), “Rosselkhozbank” (affiliate in Cherkessk), “Sviaz-Bank” (affiliate in Cherkessk), hotel and health complex “Adijukh Palace”, “Mercury OOO” (LLC), “Yug- Stroi OOO” (LLC), “Grand Kavkaz OOO” (LLC), “Aqualine ZAO” (CJSC), also travel agencies “Tourist”, “Amara-Tour”, “Parus”, “Dara-Tour” and etc. The organization of internship for students, Curricular Practical Training, field experience and further employment are the subjects of treaties.

Contact number: (8-878-2) 20-05-49; 20-53-00; 8-928-397-26-75;
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