Foreign Languages


One of the first and the main activities of the educational center «Polyglot» is an advanced study of foreign languages. In our center you have the opportunity to learn all the European languages ​​(English, French, German, Spanish), as well as to learn business language. Before starting the course, our students and course participants are tested to determine their level of knowledge and to determine the appropriate group.

There are 8 levels:

-Beginners -Elementary
-First Certificate

A very important aspect of selecting the appropriate group is the process of informal dialogue with the future course participants, which consists of the following steps:-  Learning information about the college.-  Filling the profiles.-Testing knowledge and definition of the ultimate objective of the listener and opportunities for the proper selection of the program and the schedule of classes.In addition, our educational center has special programs (intensive) for adults and students. These courses allow students in a short time to master the spoken language skills. Students are enabled to discuss the courses they attend with the director of the educational center.The great advantage of our college is that we work all year round (except Christmas holidays). We find an individual approach to each visitor. Courses are designed so that they help to improve the English of our students in all areas:Grammar — You will learn basic English grammar and broaden your knowledge in this area.Writing – You will master the writing techniques (letters, essays).  Reading- You will learn to read in English with in-depth understanding of the foundations of intonation and increase the speed of speech.

Listening- You learn to understand spoken English language.

Speaking- You will learn to speak fluently, clearly express your thoughts, using correct English pronunciation.

On completion of the course you will receive a certificate, which specifies the name of the chosen course, language level and score. Our teachers are experienced and highly qualified in the field of teaching foreign languages. Most of them have been learning English since childhood. They graduated from relevant institutions. About 90 % of them have passed language training or worked in America, England, Germany, Spain, and speak the language perfectly. In addition, our education center offers foreign language classes for pre-schoolers. As the popularity of foreign language for pre-schoolers increases, so does the number of programs for children and parents. This is a great thing, but at the same time it is important not to fail the teaching process. The qualification of a teacher is very important. Our programs for kids have the following advantages:

— A pre-school teacher works with children;

— Classes are held four times a week;

— A large emphasis is placed on sound production ;

— The course has child-friendly content

— Through, kids learn words and phrases.

Contact number: (8-878-2) 20-05-49; 20-53-00; 8-928-397-26-75;
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