The Student Council


The President of the Student Council- Bayramukov Kemal Soltanmuratoviсh.

Executive Vice-President-Tekeeva Albina Ansarovna. It’s not a secret that a student community is not only lectures, workshops, tests, it is also the eventful life, full communication, emotions and unforgettable experiences. The Student Council of International College»Polyglot» is the main organizer of student`s activities.

The Student Council is the student self-government body. It is also the organization that exists on the enthusiasm of the participants, themselves specify the objectives, challenges, and find ways to overcome them and achieve the desired results.

* personal and professional development;
* popularity among students;
* ability to be aware of what is happening not just at the level of course, but also of the College;
* desire to live an active life and take only the best from student years.
The Student Council is divided into 4 Centers:
-Information Press Center;
-Sports and Fitness Centre;
-Cultural-Mass Center;
— Administrative and Economic Centre.

The Student Council is a body of public self-governance students of International College «Polyglot», it is composed of the most active and responsible students.

The Student Council conducts educational work with troubled students, games, educational knowledge, erudition and logical thinking students.

With the active participation of the Student Council hosted events: «Student initiation» and «Brain-Ring».

Contact number: (8-878-2) 20-05-49; 20-53-00; 8-928-397-26-75;
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